Getting Ready for the Spring Market 

The snow is starting to melt, and once it’s completely gone, it’s easy to see how all of that winter weather treated your yard and exterior of your home. With the spring market in full swing, it’s important to tackle these items before listing! We have put together a list to help your property stand out among the others, including yard cleanup, and a few more items that are important to focus on.

1. Clean Up Outside

Broken branches, leaves from last fall, clogged up gutters… these are all the signs of a spring melt. Get your property ready for those showings with a solid cleanup. Pressure wash the driveway, clean up all of the debris, and get a professional to come in for some tree trimming (if necessary) while also tackling the gutters, and clearing up your walkway.  Focus on that curb appeal for a first impression that will impress potential buyers.

2. Stage the Outside

While it might not be patio weather yet (for some!) it is still a good idea to bring out the patio furniture (weather permitting) and set it up so that potential buyers can really visualize themselves in that outdoor space. While it’s too soon to plant anything, turn over the soil, and clean up flower beds so that they look “ready to go” for the next owner.

3. Tidy, Tidy, TIDY!

No one likes clutter. Freshen up the inside and put as much into storage as possible. All countertops should be clean, along with light fixtures and appliances. Give everything a good wipe down, along with polish where needed. Open up all of the doors and cabinets to make sure they are not squeaking, and give those window screens + exterior windows a nice clean.  Pro Tip: use vinegar and dishwashing detergent to rid of that exterior window residue that has built up over the winter and spring! Simply spray onto the window, let sit, and then wipe down. 

4. The Little Things

Make sure all the little things get done. Slow drip on the bathroom sink? Now is the time to tackle it. Paint touch-ups, burnt-out lightbulbs, small chip in the backsplash tile, etc.  All of those “little things” need to be addressed, because it is going to be those little things that the potential buyer focuses on.

5. Bright and Light

The first thing a buyer is going to notice when they step into the house is the amount of light. Consider buying bulbs with a higher wattage than you are used to. Again, light matters. Opt for light and neutral-coloured accessories – think white, beige or light grey throw pillows and blankets. It would also be a good idea to replace the bedding with light colours as well.

If you have been thinking about listing your home, we would love to sit down and have a discussion with you regarding the current market demand while talking conducting a complimentary home evaluation. Get in touch with our team today! 

-Fernie Real Estate Group


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